27/03 2014
Der Greif Exhibition

Tomorrow the german magazine Der Greif opens it’s first exhibition >A Process< at the Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus in Augsberg. An image from a new series I'm working on is included in the show. They've come up with a really interesting concept and I'm already enjoying spending time perusing the other photographers work on the online platform, partnered with the show.

06/12 2013
Athens Residency

This coming May I will spent a month at the Danish Institute of Athens exploring dormant and metaphorical volcanoes. Maybe I’ll bury some stars as well. I can’t wait!

18/11 2013
Of the Afternoon Exhibition and Magazine Launch

I have work in Of the Afternoon issue #4 and at the exhibition launch in London on the 29th.


20/10 2013

Finished printing a catalogue for the exhibition Reflections from Damaged Life.
An exhibition on psychedelia at Raven Row in Londontown.


28/8 2013

I recently started working at Officin a non-profit exhibition space, bookmaking facility and publishing house in the old Carlsberg compound of Copenhagen.

10/6 2013

See you later Gothenburg, Hello Copenhagen my old friend.

25/4 2013
Exam exhibition at Röda Sten Konsthall

Högskolan för fotografi ingår sedan 2012 i den nya institutionen Akademin Valand, Göteborgs universitet. Här ges den enda högskoleutbildningen i fotografi i Sverige. Utbildningen vilar på självständig konstnärlig grund men utbildar även i fotografisk bild som kommunikationsmedel i ett vidare sammanhang. Kandidatprogrammet består av tre års heltidsstudier varav den sista terminen avslutas med ett individuellt examensarbete.

Kandidatstudenter: Mona Bensafiddine, Loana Cojocariu, Jasmin Daryani, Minna Forssberg, Helene Fransson, Charlotta Hammar, John William Häggblom, Susan Karavelli, Anders Karlén, Tobias Kiel Lauesen, Kristin Kramer, Christopher Landin, Alexander Arnild Peitersen, Leila Wegner, Simone Alexandra, Anja Olofgörs, Lina Rojzman
Curator: Niclas Östlind, lärare i fotografi och doktorand i Fotografisk gestaltning vid Akademin Valand

10/01 2013
FOG 187


16/12 2012
Center for the End of the World

During the week leading up to December 21st, the Center for the End of the World has planned a show with commissioned works. As well as scheduled performances, readings and film screenings. The gallery will serve as a place for visitors to gather and work towards reaching a state of acceptance for our collective fate, bringing a shatter of calm to distressed minds through art and community.

We are all coming together to remember all that has happened.

Works by:
Simone Alexandra
Karl Hallberg
Agnes Hebert Jagrelius
Hannah MacFarlane
Agnes Mercedes
Bas Jan Ader
Yves Klein
William Basinski

This center for crisis and acceptance is organized by
Hampus Bovbjerg-Grip, Rebecca Eskilsson, Johanna Wallin and Laura Zdunek

11/11 2012
This is a Sign

Just got back from a trip to New York and now Im installing my work in progress “this is a Sign” for a solo at Galleri Monitor in Gothenburg. It will run from the 16 – 18 November.